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Beautiful Portraits

When I take a portrait of someone, my goal is to help them see how lovely they are. I think that people are beautiful and if my art can help them see that, then I've done my job right.

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Action Sports


I fell in love with shooting action sports after filming a skate film in 2018. To be able to capture talented passionate athletes brings me joy. It's a lovely thing when you combine something you both love into one medium. I am the photographer at Woodward West and I had the luxury of being able to capture athletes doing what they love for an entire summer.

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Action Sports


It wasn't till coming to Woodward in 2021 that I started to fall in love with BMX. The way that these riders are able to have control over their bikes amazes me. I have a newfound respect and love for shooting these incredible athletes.

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Action Sports


There is something strong and beautiful about gymnastics. Being able to capture these athletes during their performance is an exceptional experience.

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